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„It had been quite some time that we had been creative in our jobs or even during our term at Mannheim Business School and the workshop helped us touch the creative part of ours again. Most of us would have left the art & craft back in early school days but little do we realize that by using those very skills along with our analytical skills, we can come up with some amazing out-of-the box solutions for products and business challenges. By bringing in some doodles and some creative writing in presentations can surely help grab more attention of the audience and help strengthen the viewpoint.”

Akash Valia, MBA program at Mannheim Business School

„Loved to learn alternative ways to communicate and generate change. I am eager to experiment with new tools!”

Bruno Rath-Delgado, MBA program at Mannheim Business School

„Well, I had not really high expectations before this workshop, but at the end, I was really amazed of the results. I especially enjoyed the visual documentation of the entire process and the final results. This is a real added value since it makes it easier to understand what really happened during the workshop. One pictures says sometimes more than thousand words (or minutes of the meeting) ;-)”

Markus Brunner, Head of internal Audit, MLP AG

„I was amazed by the dynamics of the workshop moderated by Innovate! and positively surprised by how much creative ideas could the group of complete strangers generate with-in few late afternoon hours."

Dr. Peter Jureka, Global Supply Chain Excellence, Crop Protection, BASF

„It was an excellent workshop. It is extremely important to focus on creativity and innovation and not only on analysis and strategy. It provided a whole different view on things. Sparks creativity!”

Participants from the Mannheim Full-Time MBA Program

„Auf dem Wege zu sich selbst, geführt mit fester Hand des Teams von INNOVATE! – So würde ich den Prozess beschreiben, den wir als Stiftung im vergangenen Sommer in einem Tagesseminar im Eiltempo durchlaufen haben. Nach strategischer Ausrichtung suchten wir, zusätzlich deckten wir organisatorische Schwächen auf und fanden in neue Dimensionen!“

Dr. hc. Beate Heraeus, Vorstandsvorsitzende der Heraeus Bildungsstiftung

„Vielen Dank für den kurzweiligen und aufschlussreichen Workshop. Mit diesem haben wir in kürzester Zeit sehr gute Ergebnisse erzielt, die wir für den weiteren Prozess 1:1 nutzen können."

Kai Stenzel, Head of Marketing, Alumni, Communications and Admissions, Mannheim Business School

„Extrem viel Spaß und tiefgreifende Erkenntnisse in der gleichen Sekunde, so haben wir den Workshop von Innovate! erlebt. Wir haben sehr viel gelacht, noch mehr gelernt und sehr viele Dinge für unsere tägliche Arbeit mitnehmen können. Vielen herzlichen Dank für den toll organisierten und mit Herzen geführten Workshop.“