Why do successful companies like Kodak, Quelle and Nokia suddenly disappear, after decades of success and market leadership?

The answer is as simple as it is painful: these companies have failed to adapt their business model to the changing macro conditions. This is why, today, the ability to develop new business models is a key prerequisite for the long-term competitiveness of companies.

In our moderated illustrated business model workshops, we will show you how your company can systematically develop new business model ideas. In a

short time, with an interdisciplinary group assembled by you, you will develop new concepts in order to renew your existing business model or generate new business model ideas. With the help of systematic creative processes and an array of techniques aimed at business model innovation, we will lead you and your team to concrete results.

INNOVATE! Business Model Workshops will be tailored to your specific needs. Based on the results of a preparatory discussion with you, we will establish a process which is tailored to your challenge and your company. Please contact us! We are looking forward to hearing from you.