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Design Thinking Training

„The most successful businesses in the years to come will balance analytical mastery and intuitive originality in a dynamic interplay that I call design thinking."

Roger Martin, Rotman School of Management

INNOVATE! Design Thinking One-Day Seminar
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Design thinking principles and processes are about to revolutionise our work environment. In interdisciplinary team processes, they consistently focus on the user – customers, target groups and employees – and utilise the structured and creative thinking methods and approaches of industrial design, in order to track hidden needs and unspoken wishes, and to develop

innovative products, services and business models.

In our practical trainings, you will become familiar with the design thinking approach as a creative method for innovatively solving challenges.

Our INNOVATE! training is centred on a hands-on learning approach. The process takes you from needs analysis and idea development to prototyping. Based on a practical topic, you will see how an iterative approach leads to fast and innovative results, how user-oriented thinking is applied to generate ideas, and how interdisciplinary teamwork inspires creativity.

INNOVATE! Design Thinking Trainings are also available as inhouse seminares - tailored to your company’s challenges. Please contact us! We are looking forward to hearing from you.