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Innovationen begleiten

„We strongly believe in the power of creativity, co-creation and user-centeredness to create better solutions to any challenge!”

Dr. Regina Raschke & Irina Pfenning, INNOVATE!

New business models, transient competitive advantages, globalisation, new technologies, shorter production cycles, changing customer needs...

Never before have the dynamics, insecurities and complexities facing companies been as important as today. This is why the competitive advantage of the future lies in the ability to generate ideas even faster, discover and explore new business areas and models, and implement new strategies and


We will help you to develop these abilities and will provide support for your change and innovation processes – directly, practically and in a results-oriented way. Moreover, we combine the thinking and working methods of design thinking with classic management competence. By means of innovative tools and methods, visualisations and a radical user-oriented approach, your management, institution, managers, start-ups and educational establishment will gain a new momentum and alternative perspectives, leading therefore to new and successful solutions.